Autumn Grace is here for you.


Located in Mankato MN, Autumn Grace was created so your loved one has a place to call home. We have maintained advanced quality care, while refusing to sacrifice the feelings and comfort associated with a true home. 


Adult Day Center

Our staff is here to help caregivers balance their busy lives and their decision to care for their loved one. We provide daily activities based on who is attending and what they prefer, including outings, crafts, entertainment and range of motion exercises approved by a licensed physical therapist. 

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Memory care

Our Memory Care is here to help people of all ages from the earliest stages of necessity to the end of life. Our staff is highly qualified, having been trained in dementia care with additional lessons on handling various forms and behaviors of the disease. 

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Ventilation Care

We are able to care for those who have reached even the most developed stages of necessity. We accommodate the needs of those requiring a high level of constant care by offering the same specialized nursing practices you would find in a hospital.

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